Thursday, August 11, 2011

S1 Esprit in Primer and Ready for Paint

To those who have undertaken projects like this, the “primer” stage of the car represents a big win as the hard work in the body prep process is done and you can finally get on with painting the car. In all it took four months to fix the stress cracks and spider webbing, fill the pinholes and smooth out the areas of the gelcoat that were originally flawed.

Every inch of the car was looked after - even the wheel wells and chassis tunnel were stripped of the old undercoating, prepared and cleaned prior to this stage of the process.

The primer sealer was sprayed in multiple coats and a final guide coat revealed that all of the panels (especially those with large flat surfaces like the front hood and doors), were perfectly straight. The car will be painted in two stage paint (Glasurit), in Monaco White, then wet sanded and polished. There are still many days ahead of work ahead but the end is near!