Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sourcing the Original Lotus Esprit S1 Door Mirrors

The Raydot mirrors used on the S1 Lotus Esprit are hard to come by, mostly because they were used on the S1 and a few other cars equally as rare.  After a long search I was lucky to find a decent pair on eBay and grabbed them quickly.  After a little work to bring them back to life, I installed them back on the car to complete the job.


  1. Hi Renn,

    I'm glad your up and posting again on this blog. Look forward to reading your posts on how you tackled the interior, as this is something I am about to do now.

    Did you replacement your brake master cylinder and servo?

  2. Thanks Vin - interior is almost done so I'll post some images soon. I'm using the original servo but I did change the master. I'm trying out a Triumph TR6 (same as Triumph TR250 I think) cylinder but I haven't tested it yet (i.e. used the brakes) to see if it's going to work. I couldn't find a rebuild kit that had all the parts I needed for the original S1 master and I don't think new ones are available. So hopefully this setup will work as the servo arm makes contact with the cylinder plunger without any play in the system so keeping my fingers crossed that the new system works.