Monday, February 18, 2013

S1 Lotus Esprit Dashboard Restoration, Interior Progress

With the interior completely re-trimmed, I’m starting to put all the pieces back into the car. So far the hardest job was changing the structure of the dashboard to mirror the look of the European cars. As far as I can tell, the difference in a US car is a bulgy piece of trim that runs parallel to the length of the dashboard which limits the size of the glove box lid. I always liked the look of the European dashboards better, without the trim piece, and with the larger glove box lid. So I fabricated the fiberglass to be able to accept the larger glove lid and ordered the Euro spec part from SJ Sportscars, mocking it all up prior to being reupholstered. Luckily everything fit nicely after coming back from the trimmer and I could get the dash back into the car.

All of the other pieces fit well so now the remaining job is to route the aluminum trim that surrounds the center of the dash and down the center console.


  1. I love the s1 Esprit my favourite car of all time very nice looking car I'm in the process of restoring one at the moment I actually own two of this model

  2. Your OCD has served you well. Your Lotus looks absolutely amazing!

  3. I am in the process of restoring my own S1. I have the steering wheel but no 'crash pad'. (the bit in the middle with LOTUS on it. Dont suppose you know where I could get one? (or a complete steering wheel). Thanks. Lez