Friday, May 14, 2010

Re-fabricating the S1 Lotus Esprit Aluminum Cooling Pipes

Two aluminum cooling pipes run through the chassis to feed water from the radiator (located in the front of the car) to the engine, which are aided by two external elbow pipes. The pipes through the chassis are pretty long (5-6 feet) and have a 90 degree bend on the side mating to the radiator. The pipes on my car were corroded and needed to be replaced, so I simply had a local shop re-fabricate them. It wasn’t cheap but it was more cost effective than having the pipes shipped from England. Since it’s impossible to find the rubber grommets which secure the pipes through the chassis, I had to special order them as well.

All of my cooling pipes looked like this. Obviously time to replace!

One of the new cooling pipes ready to go back into the car and through the chassis.

One of the new fabricated elbow pipes ready to install.

New rubber grommets help secure the pipes through the chassis.


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  2. How on earth did you get the aluminum tubes out? Mine are leaking somewhere within the backbone.

  3. Take the front spoiler, fans and radiator off and the pipes will pull out the front of the car. there are four of them, two 5/8 pipes for the heater and two 1 1/4 pipes for radiator. My leak was in a 5/8 pipe but if your doing one might as well do them all. I jacked the car up about 18 inches and was able to remove them pretty easiely. Not too diffacult a job.

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