Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rebuilding the S1 Lotus Esprit Clutch Master Cylinder

Don't rebuild it. Buy a new one. The clutch master cylinder on early Esprits happens to be common across a variety of cars (Land Rover 90 is the one I referenced) and is readily available for next to nothing. Instead of taking a chance with mine and having it leak later on, I ordered a new one. I discarded the external plunger arm and used the same one that I removed from my car. Otherwise, the length isn't the same and it will cause problems when it's time to mount to the pedal box.


  1. How did you retrofit the hydraulic line. I replaced my clutch mc but can't find a way to reduce the flair nut fitting

  2. You simply need an adapter, which you can get here:

  3. I also need an adaptor for the same reason. What thread (NPT/AN/G/metric/?)and size is in the land rover part and on the red hose?